Free Flow?(OTC:FFLO) is a Delaware corporation which publicly trades on OTCMARKETS PINK SHEET. FFLO Consists of multiple?Businesses which make up Subsidiaries and Divisions:

Accurate Auto Parts, Inc.?(formerly?JK Sales Corp.)

Accurate Auto Parts, Inc. is a subsidiary of FFLO.?Accurate Auto Parts, Inc. plans to build a covered auto recycling i.e., a disassembly, warehousing and shipping facility of used auto parts and tires, on its nineteen + (19+) acre facility in King George, Virginia. The location is an existing approved Recycling operation and has existed as a licensed Auto Wrecking facility for many years.

JK Sales Corp. (the “JKS”), was incorporated in February 2016 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is a spinoff of the sales and marketing division of Al-Mustafa Enterprise, Inc.

Accurate Auto Parts, Inc.?has acquired the book of business and the trade name MMM Auto Parts.?Accurate Auto Parts, Inc. has also leased on long term basis the 19+ acre facility to continue the auto OEM Recycling business. Salvage automobiles are disassembled and parts are warehoused and sold.

Accurate Auto Parts, Inc.?is a subsidiary of Free Flow, Inc. (the “FFLO”) an OTC BB/Pink sheet company incorporated in Delaware. Accurate Auto Parts, Inc. plans to build a covered auto recycling i.e., a disassembly, warehousing and shipping facility of used auto parts and tires, on its nineteen + (19+) acre facility in King George, Virginia. The location is an existing approved Recycling operation and has existed as a licensed Auto Wrecking facility for many years.

Industry Overview:

As per information released by the United Recyclers Group, a nonprofit entity in the USA, there are approximately Two Hundred Sixty (260) million cars on the road in the USA. This would be nearly one car for every man, woman and child.

At the end of its life, most cars do not go to the crushers. Instead, they are taken apart as salvage reusable parts to keep cars on the road.

One could call these Green Parts. Such parts are good for environment as well as to have some extra cash in the bank. These parts usually sell at half the price compared to the new ones.

Every year approximately eleven million (11,000,0000) cars are scrapped and end up in salvage yards for reprocessing.

Once an automobile is declared as “salvaged” by the insurance company, usually when the repair cost is more that the value of the automobile, it is sent to insurance auctioneers and sold to the highest bidder.

It is then towed on a truck to the salvage recycling facility. These facilities have to follow strict guideline instituted by the Federal and State governments.

Upon arrival the automobile is first inspected and evaluated by qualified personnel. The evaluation process determines and categorizes the parts that as Reusable and Recyclable. The tracking is facilitated by on online process for each automobile.
Experienced and trained technicians take the parts apart for the automobile. Reusable parts are cleaned and given a refurbished look, logged into inventory, tagged and stored in the warehouse.

The further breakdown of the car is usually done in stages as and when the parts are needed resulting from a sale which is accomplished through a “parts locator network” over the internet which is a very sophisticated Inventory Management System.

If a car is salvaged as a result of an automobile accident, it usually has the fluids stored in the engine, transmission and axel assembly. These fluids are recovered and stored for use and/or for resale. The battery is sent to Battery Re-processing companies. The tires are also disposed off either as?reusable tires or to tire shredding companies. Except for about 5% material that is trashed, the other 95% is reused (75%) or recycled (25%).

For further information please see this video from United Recycler’s Group:

According to a Canadian survey, it is estimated that use of recycled parts save over 80 million barrels of oil annually that would be required to produce new replacement parts.

Auto recycling provides about 40% of the ferrous metal for the scrap processing industry across North America.

Substituting low sulphur scrap metal for high sulphur raw ore can reduce a steel mill’s air pollution by 76%.

The amount of oil and fluids safely reclaimed by auto recyclers is equivalent to 8 Exxon Valdez disasters every year.


HYGIENIQ.COM is a division of FFLO. HYGIENiQ? is a revolutionary sterilizing, deodorizing and air-purifying technology. It is the easiest and most effective way to constantly sterilize/deodorize/air purify the inside of motor vehicles.

When exposed to sunlight, HYGIENiQ? breaks down and eliminates all allergens, odors, and air pollutants in a vehicle, purifying and protecting car interiors for a fresher and healthier driving experience.

Over the past two decades, studies have consistently revealed that driving in tightly packed traffic leads to interior concentrations of pollutants up to 50 times higher than that of normal city air. Many of the pollutants are suspected to be carcinogens that can affect neurological, immune and reproductive systems.

According to the EPA and the American Lung Association, inside air is 10 times more pollutant than outside air, with car interiors ranking alongside industrial plants for air quality.

With HYGIENiQ? you can literally breathe easier. Just one application of HYGIENiQ? is all it takes to make your car sterilized/deodorized and the air in the your car clean an pure. You’ll immediately notice the difference.

HYGIENiQ? not only removes contaminants from the air, it prevents them from coming back, keeping the air in you car fresh and odor-free guaranteed for up to one year.

What Are The Benefits?

HYGIENiQ? is a 3-DIMENTIONAL sterilizer, deodorizer and air purifier that results in the automatic removal of contaminated gas, air toxins, and odors inside your car.

HYGIENiQ? is light-activated technology means any light source activates the decomposition mechanism to remove harmful substances, kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, dust mites and purify the air from harmful chemicals.

HYGIENiQ? uses environmentally friendly technology. It’s non-toxic, non-allergic, odorless, Ph 7.6, making it safe for children and pets.

HYGIENiQ? is long-lasting and maintenance-free; Only full year without reapplication.

Motors & Metals, Inc.

As subsidiary of FFLO, the company has ongoing orders to ship automobile motors overseas. The Company also processes catalytic converters for recovery of precious metals.

Citi Autos, Corp.

As “coming up by end of 2018”. A used auto dealership, at the same location – in King George.


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