FREE FLOW, (“FFLO”) Signs Distribution Agreement; Anticipates One to Three Million Dollars in Sales

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Free Flow, Inc. (FFLO:OTCPINK) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, Motors and Metal, Inc. (“MMI”), signed a Parts and Distribution Agreement (the “Agreement”) with SAM International-F.Z.E (“SAM”), a free-trade zone enterprise, Emirate of Ajman, United Arab Emirates and M & O Commodities, (Pvt.) Ltd, a company incorporated in Pakistan (“M&O”).

Pursuant to the agreement, SAM will act as MMI’s sales and Handling Agent to effectuate the flow of used auto parts and other related automotive items from MMI to end purchasers in various countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. The arrangement anticipates that SAM will purchase up to US $100,000 of auto parts from MMI per month after the initial start-up period of 180-days with an overall valuation of the agreement of between one and three million dollars.

The Agreement also provides that MMI will act as Selling Agent, by and through M&O for new and used automobile parts manufacturing and trading companies located in Germany, Poland, Japan and the United States. Through this arrangement, MMI will work together with SAM to facilitate the fulfillment of overseas purchase orders on behalf of M&O.

FFLO’s other subsidiary, Accurate Auto Parts, Inc. (formerly?JK Sales Corp) which operates an automobile recycling business, is to provide used auto parts and other auto related items to MMI under a separate agreement whereby MMI agreed to handle?Accurate Auto Parts, Inc.’s international sales and exportation of recycled auto parts.

Sabir Saleem, CEO, Free Flow, Inc. states, “The deal between our subsidiary Motors & Metals, Inc., SAM International-F.Z.E, and M&O Commodities provides an enormous
opportunity to tap into the large overseas demand for used OEM automobile parts and related auto items.”

As this contract matures, FFLO sees growth in auto parts in these areas of the world where known shortages exist.The initial term of the Agreement is 24 months with ongoing 12-month renewal options. Management anticipates that it will send the first agreed upon shipment of recycled auto parts from the?Accurate Auto Parts, Inc.’s Virginia facility within the next 30 days.

For further information about this release, contact Mr. Sabir Saleem, Free Flow, Inc. 703-789-3344,

Free Flow, Inc. (FLLO) is a Delaware company that creates and acquires operating subsidiaries with the goal of manufacturing and selling products, and services. Through its current subsidiaries,?Accurate Auto Parts, Inc. and Motor & Metals, Inc., the Company provides OEM recycled auto parts and supplies from a warehousing and shipping facility on its nineteen (19+) acre facility in King George, Virginia, USA. Every year approximately eleven million (11,000,0000) cars are scrapped and end up in salvage yards for reprocessing, FLLO commits itself to provide the sales of recycled auto parts and supplies, helping to reduce the carbon footprint involved in the production of new parts and steel products.


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